See a demonstration of the industry's first fully encapsulated 50A digital power module. The ISL8272M is a complete step-down power supply that delivers up to 50A of output current from industry standard 12V or 5V input power rails, and four modules can be combined to support up to 200A rails.


Hello and welcome. I'm Eric Pittana, Senior Product Marketing at Intersil, and I'm here today at APEC 2015 to introduce to you the latest edition to Intersil's family of power modules.

The ISL8272M presented here is a fully digital DC/DC power supply in a module. It is capable of outputting 50A of output current continuously. I said it was fully digital, it supports industry-standard PMBus interface that allows for easy configuration, programming and system monitoring and telemetry. Powered from a 5V or 12V standard power rail, the ISL8272M can achieve efficiencies as high as 96% on most conversion ratios. It also offers a single clock fast two engine cycle response to output load stamps.

The ISL8272M is offered in a compact 18mm x 23mm HDA package that offers great terminal performance and allows the device to operate at continuous currents of up to 50A without any hissing or specific air flow. It is supported by the PowerNavigator software GUI, making it a very easy design and solution to power your next FPGA, memory or DSP.