How to use the ISL99140 DrMOS FET driver with the ZL8801 digital power controller.


Hello, my name is Brandon Howell, and I handle technical marketing with Renesas' Digital Power Group. Today, we're gonna be talking about the benefits of using ISL99140 DrMOS power stage with ZL8801 digital power controller.

You noticed that the ZL8801 controller has PWM outputs for driving an external power stage. In this case, we're driving the ISL99140 DrMOS power stage. DrMOS means the power stage has both the driver and MOSFETs integrated in one package.

There are some benefits to doing it this way. By having a driver in the same package as the MOSFETs, you reduce the overall parasitics. This allows for higher efficiency and lower noise coming from the power stage. It also simplifies your layout. Because we only provide PWM signal to the driver, we have no high current path from the controller to a DrMOS power stage. This really simplifies the layout and allows extra flexibility in placing the power stage.