The Benefits of Using a Leaded Power Module Package

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Added on 6月 28, 2013

Learn the benefits of using a leaded power module package, like the ISL8225M, versus non-leaded, grid array packages found in the market today.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Matt Fortin and I am an applications engineer at Intersil Corporation. Today I'd like to talk to you about the benefits of using a leaded power module package like the ISL8225M vs. the non-leaded grid array packages that are available in the market today.

Using power modules makes designing your power supply very simple. There is no longer any worry about selecting the proper components such as drivers, MOSFETs, and inductors. These components have been designed into one convenient package. Now, as simple as these circuits may be, there is still a need for debugging. And that is where issues will arise when using the leadless grid array package.

With the major components of your circuit now contained within the package, you no longer have access to critical signal points such as your switching node, your feedback node, and your compensation node. With a leadless package you will now have to take up some of the space you just saved by switching to a module in order to add test points to measure these signals. The ISL8225M leaded package gives you access to all of the necessary nodes without the addition of extra test points. Thus allowing you to keep your saved board space.

Another major debugging aspect to consider is signal integrity. With no leads for easy access probing, you will be forced to add test points, either through traces on the board or through vias to the underside of the board. Both of which will add parasitics to your measurements. Intersil's leaded package provides you with quick easy access with zero additional parasitics.

With a leaded module package like the ISL8225M, you will have quick easy access debugging without sacrificing signal integrity or board space.

To find more information, please go to the ISL8225M product page. From here you have access to the datasheet, application notes, and information on how to order your own evaluation board. You can also start your own power supply design using the iSim circuit design tool. Thanks for watching and have a great day.