Basically guarding against static electricity means first of all stopping it from occurring, and then if it does, discharging it appropriately (rapid discharge of a semiconductor device may damage the device). For this reason, it is important to curb friction-charged static electricity caused by vibration during transportation, and to ensure an appropriate environment for handling of semiconductor devices is maintained. The operator handling semiconductor devices has appropriate knowledge about static electricity is preferable. The following discusses some measures to take when packing semiconductor devices, as well as examples of general precautions.

Measures for packing

Packing type Guarding against static electricity
Magazine Antistatic additive is applied to the surface of plastic magazines, except for magazines made of aluminum or plastic material milled with carbon. Electrically conductive trays (plastic material milled with carbon) are used.
Tray Electrically conductive trays (plastic material milled with carbon) are used.。
Moisture barrier bag Aluminum laminate bags with static electricity diffusion are used,
Tape Emboss taped products use static electricity diffusion carrier tapes and reels.