The Power Cross Reference tools helps users find Renesas power management parts that match competitor parts. This tool uses detailed parametric data to find the best matches across specifications.

Getting Started

The Power Cross Reference tool lets you take a BOM (bill of materials) of power parts and quickly generate a list of comparable Renesas parts. The tool compares the parametric data of competitor devices and Renesas devices, and presents a logically sorted listed of which Renesas devices perform the same function as the competitor devices.

The Power Cross Reference graphically highlights each device parameter on the corresponding Renesas devices to quickly show which devices are As Good, Better, Near Spec, or Outside Spec limits so you can quickly make decisions on the best fit parts for your needs.

Feature Availability
Search by competitor part number or company name
Manually enter inputs/outputs/specs and get suggested parts
Compare and select devices
Mobile support
Offline mode
Export results

✔ Included Feature | — Included Feature in Future Versions

Using Power Cross Reference

Search by Competitor Part Number

  1. Type a full or partial part number to search for a competitor part number
  2. Or choose a competitor name to browse from a list of parts
  3. If you don't have a competitor part, you can manually enter your specs
  4. Click on the part number to visit the product web page for that part

Quick Parametric Search Manual Input

If you don't have a competitor part, or you simply want to enter the specs manually, you can easily do so.

  1. Click on the Quick Parametric Search link
  2. Enter your specifications into the fields. Note: if you do not need a min/max range for VIN or VOUT, simply enter the same value for both fields
  3. Optional: The tool will recommend a topology based on your inputs. If you want to override the recommended topology, choose from the Select Topology drop-down to limit results to particular device types (analog power module, buck converter, etc.)
  4. Tap the Search button to see your results displayed

Sort Results

  1. Click on a column header to sort results by that parametric.
  2. Click on the column header again to toggle sort ascending or descending results

The competitor parametric data specs will be loaded into the the results table. Results are displayed based on how well they match the competitor device. You can sort columns to prioritize specific metrics.

Compare Products

  1. Select the checkbox next to up to 5 products and click the Compare button
  2. Optional: toggle the Only Show Differences option to limit to only the differences between products, or all parametrics


  1. Click on the Export option to export the results to CSV file format
  2. Within the Compare window, click on Export, and then choose to export all parameters in the database, or only the differences.

View Spec Ranges

  1. To see how the spec ranges are being calculated, choose the View Spec Ranges link
  2. Close the window when finished

The Power Cross Reference replaces the Excel-based PowerCompass Part Selector tool. 

The default sort is by relevance. Relevance stays as the primary sort field, and then additional sorting is done within each relevance level.