Low Power Renesas MCU Extends Battery Life of the New Generation of Fitness and Health Systems

Avid athletes and health-conscious people want to know their heart rate, speed and in some cases even body temperature during the work out and training. A new generation of heart rate monitors, bicycle trip counters and other fitness and health systems are coin-cell battery operated systems.

Our ANT+ demonstration platform demonstrates how a low power Renesas RL78 MCU pairing with a popular low power ANT+ radio work together to measure, calculate and transmit the data within a tight power budget.

This demonstration supports heart rate monitor and pedometer. It also has facility for current measurement to enable power budging through different operation mode.

ANT Board

ANT+ Demo Platform

The Renesas RL78 MCU is a line of 16-bit MCUs that operates as low as 66uA/MHz. Its Stop mode with RTC only consumes 0.57uA. Moreover it has special features such as the Snooze Mode that works with other system components to further reduce overall system current consumption. Click here for more information about RL78.

RL78 Diagram

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