Expand "Networking" of equipment within a factory

Many years of achievements in, and industry leading solutions for industrial network equipment.


Select the protocol and then "Networking"
Major Ethernet protocol supported

"Supports the major industrial Ethernet protocols including EtherCAT® communications
Available to develop the applications with the required protocol"

Easy "Networking"
Reuse of software

Easy software reuse between equipment
Scalability of RZ/N1 accelerates equipment development

Robust "Networking"
Redundancy function

"Network redundancy function installed
The RZ/N1 protects important factory processes from network shutdowns"


A demonstration to build the EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CC-Link IEF BASIC network by using Renesas Industrial ICs (RZ/N1L, RZ/T1, R-IN32M3-EC, R-IN32M3-EC, R-IN32M3-CL) which can build customer's industrial network products, including the RZ/N1 series which supports the major industrial protocols stack.

The PLC equipment and four RZ/N1Ds (Master) are connected via the DLR function of EtherNet/IP, and when the network is partially disconnected artificially, this state is recognized by the PLC equipment, and each RZ/N1D (Master) device will be notified. When reconnected, communication is restored.

The four RZ/N1D (Master) build subnetworks using the EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CC-Link-IEF Basic respectively are connected to the network.

The subnetworks that use RZ/N1D as the Master, execute CODESYS software PLC in the Linux environment of a Cortex®-A7 which is connected to RZ/N1L, RZ/T1, R-IN32M3-EC, R-IN32M3-CL by various protocol communications.

Added on 2018-05-12