Renesas' RL78/H1D, RL78/L1x Series, and RL78/G1x Series of MCUs are famous for low power consumption. They also incorporate a highly reliable watchdog timer (WDT) and on-chip oscillator circuits with minimal susceptibility to oscillation errors, in order to increase the fail-safe functionality of the MCU. These MCUs are suitable for the development of gas meters demanding stable operation with a high level of reliability.

Gas meter

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products
Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
Main controller MCU RL78/G1x  
RL78/L1x 32 MHz, 16-bit, True low power,
On-chip LCD controller/driver
RL78/H1D 32 MHz, 16-bit, True low power,
On-chip LCD controller/driver, On-chip timer for MR sensor
I/O section MOS FET μPA26xx Series
μPA28xx Series
2×2mm package
3×3mm package
µPA263x Low voltage (1.8 V) drive, HUSON2020
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