Renesas offers an extensive lineup of microcontrollers for smart power meters, backed by solutions to meet a range of customer requirements.

Smart Power Meter Solutions

A smart power meter consists primarily of a measurement unit and a communication unit. As measurement unit solutions, Renesas offers the RL78/I1B and its higher-end sibling the RL78/I1C, both of which feature an ultra-low-power on-chip RTC, and the RX21A Group, with an on-chip 24-bit ΔΣ ADC to reduce the number of external components and associated costs. When an external ΔΣ ADC is used, available options include the RL78L1x, RX210, and RX220. As communication unit solutions, Renesas offers microcontrollers with features such as an on-chip ultra-low-power sub-GHz RF driver IC with IEEE 802.15.4g/e support, essential for Wi-SUN applications, and support for international power line communication standards (G3-PLC and PRIME). Renesas offers an extensive lineup of microcontrollers for smart power meters to meet a broad range of customer requirements.

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Power Meter (Three-phase)

Within the microcontroller (MCU) lineup offered by Renesas, the RX200 Series and RL78 Family provide the high performance, large memory capacity, and low power consumption required by three-phase meters.

Power Meter (Single-phase)

Renesas has a rich lineup of control microcontrollers for single-phase meter. RL78/I1B Group, RL78/I1C Group and RX21A Group with a built-in 24-bit ΔΣ(delta-sigma) ADC help to reduce costs and external components.