This reference design includes a light sensor, a temperature/humidity sensor, and gas sensor. All the data, including sensor data, can be uploaded to the cloud. The RX65N microcontroller is a next-generation general-purpose MCU, with human machine interface (HMI) and security features that are ideal for IoT Edge devices. The built-in dual-bank functionality and Trusted Secure IP features allow users to establish secure cloud communications and conduct firmware updates easily and securely.

System Benefits

  • Allows for safe and secure connection to the cloud
  • The Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit simplifies secure IoT endpoint device connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and makes it easy for embedded designers to get a fast start on their designs and connect to the AWS cloud
  • Light, temperature/humidity, and gas sensors included in the reference design
System Block Diagram

Cloud and Sensor Solution for IoT Endpoints

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