The SH-Navi1 is a SoC built around the SH-4A operating at 400 MHz and integrating more than 50 peripheral modules, including a 2-D graphics engine, a 3-D graphics engine, GPS baseband processing functions, and other functions required by car information terminals.

The SH-4A CPU core delivers superior processing performance of 720 MIPS at its maximum operating frequency of 400 MHz. The instruction set is upward-compatible with the SH-4, allowing developers to reuse existing system software written for the SH-4.

System Block Diagram

SH7770 System Block Diagram

Item SH-Navi1 Specifications
Type name R8A77700DA01BG
Power supply voltage 1.25 V (internal) / 3.3 V, 2.5 V (external)
Maximum operating frequency 400 MHz
Processing performance 720 MIPS, 2.8 GFLOPS (at 400 MHz operation)
CPU core SH-4A core
On-chip RAM 16 Kbytes
Cache memory 4-way set associative type, with separate 32 Kbytes for instructions and 32 Kbytes for data
External memory DDR-SDRAM directly connectable via memory controller
SRAM and ROM directly connectable via bus state controller
Extension bus Address space : 64 Mbytes × 3
Main on-chip peripheral functions 2D/3D graphics engines, display control
Video input interface
GPS baseband processing module, real-time clock
USB Host/Function interface
Dedicated DMAC × 36 channels
Various sound interfaces × 6 channels
Controller area network (CAN) interface × 1 channel
I2C bus interface × 1 channel
Serial/parallel interface × 1 channel
Remote control interface x 1 channel
Serial communication interface × 10 channels
Timer × 9 channels
D/A converter (8-bit) × 3 channels
A/D converter (10-bit) × 4 channels
On-chip debugging function
Interrupt controller
Clock pulse generator : built-in multiplication PLL
Power-down modes Sleep mode
RTC power supply backup mode
DDR-SDRAM power supply backup mode
Package 520-pin BGA (33 mm × 33 mm)
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