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This Solution Package consists of all the files and documentation you will need to implement a Self-Capacitive Touch Buttons solution for S1 and S3 series Synergy MCUs.


The Self-capacitive touch button solution package provides the user a set of calibration factors and allows for quick implementation of button-based capacitive touch solutions, with the following limitations:

  • Only self-capacitance
  • No wheel and sliders
  • Up to sixteen buttons


The CTSU driver used in this package features:

  • Reduced memory footprint and set of calibration parameters to support simplified implementation of the driver
  • Uses Capacitive Touch Workbench for Renesas Synergy v1.06

User Specific Release 

This is a User Specific Release – therefore only users who have access are able to download it.

If you are accessing this page by a URL that was shared with you, and do not see the Download button is because the software is inaccessible for you to download.

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