The RTD120D Thermopile Gas Detector CO2 evaluation kit (EVK) creates an easy way to evaluate the RTD120D Dual Channel Thermopile Gas Detector in a CO2 detector application.

A Renesas RA4W1 MCU on the main board reads both channels of the dual thermopile detector, and computes and displays CO2 concentration. The EVK may be connected to a Windows® PC via a bi-directional USB connection, making the CO2 concentration and intermediate data available for plotting, logging, processing, exporting and analysis using the provided evaluation software or user-supplied software.


  • User-friendly evaluation kit expedites evaluation of the EVK for CO2 Detector
  • Operates stand-alone or with Renesas provided software; either with CO2 Detector Evaluation Software, or end-user supplied software that is able to communicate via ModBus (ASCII) over USB, using Windows, Linux or MacOS
  • CO2 Detector Evaluation Software is available for free download on the Renesas website, which also provides back-ground information on the RTD* family of single and dual channel thermopiles in general, as well as in an optical CO2 gas sensing application.


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