We offer a lineup of verified middleware for the RZ/G Linux package. Since the operation of the middleware has been verified by both partners and Renesas, you can leverage them to easily expand the functionality of your application system.

Key Features:

  • Expand the functionality of the verified Linux package.
  • Operation of all add-ons are verified by Renesas and partners.
  • Sample application software can be run immediately.
  • Release versions can be licensed directly from partner developers.

RZ/G Linux Package Software Add-ons

Partner's Solution

wolfSSL SSL/TLS Embedded Library

wolfSSL is a lightweight C-language-based SSL/TLS library for embedded systems.


EtherCAT Master Stack [Evaluation version]

EC-Master is a master-side protocol stack designed and optimized to work on different embedded (real-time) operating systems.

acontis technologies GmbH

Warp!! [Evaluation Version]

Warp!! is a quick-start solution for embedded Linux and Android systems.
Its track record of widespread adoption makes Warp!! the solution of choice for quick booting.

Lineo Solutions, Inc.

Ubiquitous DTCP

Ubiquitous DTCP is a software development kit (SDK) for developing networked devices compatible with content protection by DTCP.

Ubiquitous AI Corporation

Ubiquitous HDCP

Ubiquitous HDCP is a software development kit optimized for the implementation of HDCP.

Ubiquitous AI Corporation

Ubiquitous QuickBoot

Fast Boot Solution for Linux and Android

Ubiquitous AI Corporation

Ubiquitous DeviceSQL

Compact and High-Speed database for embedded devices

Ubiquitous AI Corporation

TrulyHandsfree Voice Control

Noise robust always-listening wake word engine with voice barge-in capability and local phrase-spotted command.

Sensory, Inc.


ITTIA DB SQL offers RZ/G device manufactures a modular software architecture that enables devices to collect, store and manage data. It is highly optimized and reliable, with a low total cost of ownership. With ITTIA DB SQL, developers build robust, high-value products, with no database administrator to manage and connect data. ITTIA DB SQL libraries are cross-platform, supporting C, C++ and various scripting languages.



ZoomVoice software enables emphasizing a voice from target direction and suppressing ambient noises

Techno Mathematical Co., Ltd.