An inverter is used to convert DC power to the AC power used in an electric vehicle motor. The xEV inverter kit maximizes the HEV/EV motor performance by practical inverter hardware designs using a combination of microcontrollers, power management ICs, gate driver ICs, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), and fast recovery diodes (FRD). Additionally, xEV Inverter Application Model & Software are also available.

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  • Practical inverter specification for xEV 100kW class motors
  • Jumpstart evaluation with xEV Inverter Kit and Application Model & Software
  • Provide early discovery and countermeasures for customers' issues, through Renesas' motor bench, dedicated engineering support
  • 3.9L compact volume through highly integrated products and temperature management
  • Superior power efficiency, with 99% maximum inverter efficiency
  • Function is already proven in real car demos
  • High accuracy sensor error correction features



Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

xEV Inverter Application Model & SoftwareAn xEV (Electric Vehicle) runs on a motor or combination of motor and internal combustion engine, and the motor is controlled by the xEV Inverter. The “xEV Inverter Application Model and Software” provides a sample application model and software to control the motor, reducing software development effort and time during product development using the xEV inverter kit. Software Package Renesas

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Software & Tools - Software

System Specifications

Items Spec (1 motor)
Rated capacity Maximum 410V x 500A =205kVA (10sec)
Output power 40kW (continuous), 100kW (10sec)
Output current 200ARMS (continuous), 500ARMS (10sec)
Input voltage 270-410V @100kW
Volume 3.9L
Carrier frequency 4-12kHz@single sampling
4-6kHz@double sampling
Cooling Water Cooling (50% LLC mixture)
Rotation speed 10500rpm (Depends on Dyno)
External IF CAN-FD (3ch), SCI (1ch), JTAG