Renesas offers high-performance optical clock and data recovery (CDR) / retimer devices for limiting and linear applications. Providing advantages in output jitter, jitter tolerance, receiver sensitivity, and power consumption; Renesas’ optical CDRs enhance the quality and reach of high-speed serial links, compensating for transmission loss and resetting crosstalk and jitter budgets. The portfolio includes single-channel and quad-channel solutions for 100G to 400G datacenter applications, as active optical cables (AOCs) and pluggables, covering ranges from hundreds of meters (SR) up to 10km (LR), including CWDM4, PSM4, and CLR4.

About Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) and Retimers

An optical clock and data recovery circuit (CDR) is connected to the optical transceiver on the end of a fibre channel link to extract timing information from a serial data stream to allow the receiving circuit to decode the transmitted data. The term "retimer" is used for a CDR that retransmits the recovered serial data synchronously to a local reference clock. Renesas' products are both CDRs and retimers, and help to clean up signals and counteract jitter to meet the stringent performance requirements of high-speed networking protocols.