Are you looking for SDK that can be started easily? The new development environment R-Car S4 Whitebox SDK helps you bring your connected/gateway application to concrete form.

Takahiko Gomi, Principal Product Marketing Specialist

In this blog, I will introduce Renesas' next-generation software & virtual development environment to help our customers achieve Software-First & Shift-Left concepts.

Hirofumi Kawaguchi, VP of Automotive Software Development Division

This blog discusses some of the issues around oscillator choice and design.

Graeme Clark, Principal Product Engineer

We will introduce the way how easily customers can obtain the environment to evaluate and consider AI applications, provided by the RZ/V series.

Takuro Ichikawa, Senior Staff Engineer

Renesas sees an opportunity to accelerate adoption among our customers and ecosystem partners by enabling the convergence of three key technologies: IoT, 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI).

Sailesh Chittipeddi, Executive VP and General Manager of the IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit

This blog explains how Renesas drives its digital product strategy from the evolution of the automotive industry, especially concerning major changes to vehicle E/E architectures.

Takeshi Fuse, Head of Function Unit, Business Development, Automotive Solution Business Unit

The RX family of 32-bit MCUs was developed so that users can develop applications with less or no coding. This blog is about a modern approach to software development for the RX family.

Hiroki Ishiguro, Senior Principal Engineer

In today's vehicles, the power network is just as important as the communication network. Therefore, new innovations such as Power over Data Line need to be introduced into the vehicle.

Tobias Belitz, Principal Engineer

In this blog, we will discuss trends in electric vehicles and our strategy and solutions for xEVs.

Shunichi Kaeriyama, VP of Automotive Analog Product Marketing Division

Yukiko Date introduces RL78/G15 MCU with extensive peripheral functions in a low pin count package to resolve issues faced in your existing 8-bit MCU. Read this blog to learn about an easy-to-use evaluation board for RL78/G15!

Yukiko Date, Staff Product Marketing Specialist