In this use case, we will explain how to use RZ/A2M's DRP image processing acceleration and light embedded AI algorithm to realize mask face detection. In face detection mode, it can achieve a detection speed of 30FPS. The detection speed of 20FPS can be achieved in the mode of whether to wear a mask.

By George Liu, Senior Manager -- 2021-06

Stefan reviews the RA Family Beginner’s Guide – a step-by-step guide that takes you from the basics of the FSP and RA toolchain to creating a project from scratch with the EK-RA6M4 evaluation kit.

By Stefan Ingenhaag, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-06

The best designs come from a solid product definition and it’s never too late to build a better solution. Hong describes how the designers of the new RAA2230xx 700V non-isolated AC/DC buck regulators have been able to create an innovative solution to meet the biggest customer challenges in power supply design.

By Zhihong Yu, Principal Product Marketing and Application Engineering Manager -- 2021-06

Amruta discusses the benefits of Renesas’ robotic lawn mower solution.

By Amruta Patra, System Architect & Technical Marketing Engineer -- 2021-06

Dave discusses the importance of air quality to our health and the benefits of being able to monitor air quality, regardless of location, with Renesas’ ZMOD4510 outdoor air quality sensor. 

By Dave Simpson, Director, Business Development -- 2021-06

Axel introduces the Easy-to-Start automotive microcontroller series that are easy to use, easy to develop and easy to access for automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

By Axel Kleinpaul, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-06

High-sensitivity CMOS image sensor and AI accelerator (DRP-AI) enable object recognition with high visibility and low power consumption.

By Dr. Sugako Otani -- 2021-06

Introducing the real time OS project creation function, which is an essential function for those who are using embedded real time OS.

By Yoshitaro Kondo, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-06

Ethernet TSN Switch IP Core is a high-quality IP core that has passed the conformance test provided by Spirent Communications, and you can watch the video of the IP core evaluated by FPGA using Spirent Automotive C1.

By Takeshi TAKANASHI, Senior Manager -- 2021-06

RX23E-A, which integrates MCU and high-precision Analog Front End (AFE) on a single chip, is ideal for miniaturizing board size and to realize an integrated sensing and signal conditioning of a digital loadcell in the same housing.

By Akihiro Ooshima, Engineer -- 2021-06