Satoru Tomisawa
Senior Staff Engineer

The IoT devices are delivering brand new values that have not been seen before, by equipping everything around us with sensors and communication functions. These IoT devices are mostly battery powered. In some cases, they are installed at places that are out of reach from humans, causing the maintenance cost of these batteries to rise enormously. Energy harvesting is expected to be the solution for this problem.

In order to develop an IoT device capable of energy harvesting, it is necessary to select components such as MCU, energy harvesting/storage, sensor, and Human Machine Interface (HMI). It takes a lot of time and effort to collect information, compare performance, and evaluate prototypes to select these components. Renesas helps our customers to accelerate their battery maintenance-free product developments by partnering with companies providing superior components and introduce these solutions together with the RE Family to our customers.


Figure 1:Block Composition of the RE Family Ecosystem

Renesas introduces the 25 partners and their solutions in the latest RE Family Partner Website. For more details, please visit

 (Alphabetical Order)

  • Advanced Media Inc. (Middleware)
  • AND Technology Research (Tools & Software Support)
  • AVX Corporation (Energy Storage)
  • Dracula Technologies (Energy Harvesting)
  • Halleck Willard, Inc. (Tools & Software Support)
  • IAR Systems (Tools & Software Support)
  • KELK Ltd. (Energy Harvesting)
  • Kyocera Corporation (HMI)
  • Lightricity (Energy Harvesting)
  • L&T Technology Services (Tools & Software Support)
  • Matrix Industries, Inc. (Energy Harvesting)
  • NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (Energy Storage)
  • Nichicon Corporation (Energy Storage)
  • ONE TECH, INC (Cloud)
  • Panasonic Solar Amorton Co., Ltd (Energy Harvesting)
  • PowerFilm Solar (Energy Harvesting)
  • SEGGER Microcontroller (Tools & Software Support)
  • Sharp Corporation (Energy Harvesting)
  • Sharp Display Technology Corporation (HMI)
  • Sonic Energy (Energy Harvesting)
  • Sony Semiconductors Solution Corporation (Sensor)
  • TDK Corporation (Sensor)
  • Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Middleware)
  • Toyo Electronics Corp. (Energy Harvesting)
  • Veridify Security Inc. (Middleware)

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