The combination of Renesas’ ZMOD4410 indoor air quality sensor, HS3003 temperature and humidity sensor, and RA4W1 microcontroller (MCU) enables users to detect gases in the bathroom. Odor levels, temperature and humidity values can be monitored through a handy device with Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy (BLE) communication. The RA4W1 is a 32-bit MCU with Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy and is very suitable for IoT endpoint devices. All the power on the sensor board is provided by the ISL9001A high performance LDO and Li-ion battery. The ISL9301 is a high input voltage charger with a power path management charger for single-cell Li-ion/Polymer batteries. 

System Benefits

  • Renesas MCU with Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy controls the system and wireless communication
  • High performance and high input voltage charger with low input voltage/high PSRR LDO
  • The ZMOD4410 gas sensor module is a software configurable platform used for indoor air quality applications

System Block Diagram


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