Deliver High-Profile Video, Stunning 3D Graphics with a Highly Integrated, Industry Reference Triple-Mode LTE Modem for Tablets, Smartphones and other Consumer Electronics Devices

February 15, 2011
SH-Mobile APE5R, an application processor for the new mobile platform, MP5225

TOKYO, Japan, February 15, 2011 — Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723) and its subsidiary, Renesas Mobile Corporation, an innovative supplier of advanced cellular semiconductor solutions and platforms, today announced the availability of the high performance 3D mobile platform, the MP5225, which builds on Renesas Mobile's vision of delivering an unrivalled connected experience. The new mobile platform integrates Renesas Mobile's industry reference LTE triple-mode modem platform, the SP2531, with Renesas Mobile's SH-Mobile APE5R application processor which provides advanced 3D features, High Profile H.264 video encode and decode, and other peripherals, such as HDMI and USB interfaces.

Renesas Mobile's MP5225 combines the industry-leading advanced application processor, in terms of graphics and video performance, with the SP2531 modem platform incorporating a single chip triple-mode LTE modem supporting LTE/HSPA+/GSM, RF transceiver ICs, high power amplifiers, power management devices and related software. The MP5225 allows OEMs and carriers to deliver on the promise of the next-generation applications and services for smartphones, tablet PCs and other consumer electronics devices enabled by LTE networks. The MP5225 supports all leading OS including Android™, Windows™, MeeGo™, Symbian™ and others.

In addition, Renesas Mobile intends to provide a coherent platform environment by leveraging the software and hardware technology expertise gained through the SH-Mobile APE5R development on the MP5225 mobile platform as well as future R-Mobile Series products.

Key Features of the MP5225 Mobile Platform:
  • SH-Mobile APE5R Application Processor
    • H.264 1080p High Profile and 3D Video: Breakthrough power and performance combination providing 3D stereoscopic HD video, coding at 30fps in multiple-views.
    • Unique and innovative third-generation streaming system architecture based on field-proven and the industry's first 1080p video solutions allows optimized High Profile video.
    • Innovative hardware off-load solution for achieving high profile emerging codec support.
    • 3D Graphics and OpenCL (Note 1) support: The industry's first implementation of Imagination Technologies POWERVR SGX MP™ SGX543MP enables 3D graphics. OpenCL can be supported.
  • Dual-core (1.2GHz) Cortex™-A9 ARM® CPU
    • Based on Renesas Electronics' CPU implementation expertise, the SH-Mobile APE5R incorporates an advanced dual-core Cortex-A9 ARM CPU, realizing a total of 6,000 Dhrystone MIPS.
  • LTE Modem
    • A highly integrated triple-mode LTE modem platform, the SP2531, incorporates the technologies acquired from Nokia Corporation, which has long been used to test and tune LTE networks. It supports TD-LTE and FDD-LTE cat 3 (100Mbps downlink (DL) / 50Mbps uplink (UL)) along with HSPA+ features such as DC-HSPA+ cat-24 and HSUPA cat-7 giving HSPA+ data rates of 42Mbps (DL) /11.5Mbps (UL) respectively, with global coverage through its unique RF systems design. The LTE modem supports multiple world-wide simultaneous band combinations with the smallest form factor which is achieved through an RF subsystem design that includes a 65nm multi-mode LTE transceiver and a highly optimized multi-mode multi-band power amplifier module.
  • Audio playback
    • Dedicated 24-bit multi-DSP engine provides various audio playback at low power consumption.
  • Flexible and configurable connectivity
    • The platform can support various interface to provide a scalable design for example various camera modules, HDMI and connectivity.

The MP5225 platform comes with comprehensive support from design to production and utilizes the system and production expertise of Renesas Mobile's world leading modem and application processor teams to provide timely and expert support. The MP5225 also allows partner companies to preserve their software investments on Renesas Mobile's leadership platform by providing a roadmap to dual/triple-mode mass market, cost focused, integrated communications engines in the near future.

“The MP5225 is our flagship 3D mobile platform developed to deliver on the promise of LTE,” said Shinichi Yoshioka, Senior Executive Vice President & COO, Renesas Mobile Corporation. “We believe the MP5225's 3D video and graphics capability and SoC innovations utilising our processor and SMP (Symmetrical Multi-Processing) architecture expertise, in conjunction with our industry reference LTE modem, will allow our partners to deliver an unrivalled connected experience to their customers. The advent of LTE promises ARPU enhancing applications and services which are now possible on all forms of consumer electronics devices.”


The MP5225 mobile platform will be available for sampling in June 2011 as a reference design and comes complete with consulting services to enable rapid time to production. Mass production is expected to be in late 2011.


(Note 1) OpenCL stands for Open Computing Language which gives any application access to the Graphics Processing Unit for non-graphical computing by providing a framework for writing programs that execute across different processor types.

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