Renesas Electronics America Introduces New DSP Library for RX MCUs

Robust Function Set, Intuitive API and Full Debug/Testing Deliver Fast Implementation and Ease of Use for Digital Signal Controller Designs in Consumer and Industrial Markets

23 Oct 2012

SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 23, 2012 — Renesas Electronics America, a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced a robust DSP Library that improves ease of use and helps speed the implementation of digital signal controller (DSC) designs for developers working with Renesas’ RX600 and RX200 series of microcontrollers (MCUs). The new DSP Library provides a robust set of fully optimized and debugged functions that allow faster implementation of many of the numerical, filter and transform operations needed in a variety of consumer and industrial applications, including those for medical, building automation, industrial automation, sensing and audio.


“Signal conditioning and signal processing are critical in providing the “intelligence” required for sensors that play a key role in many of the emerging technologies enabling the Smart Society, and developers are looking for new ways to bring differentiated products to market more quickly,” said Ritesh Tyagi, senior director, Microcontroller Products & Solutions Marketing, Renesas Electronics America. “The new DSP Library provides the broad base of functions that developers desire in an easy-to-use format, expanding Renesas’ current development and design tools support for customers designing with our RX MCUs.”


Featuring more than 300 functions and an easy-to-use, intuitive application programming interface (API), the new Renesas DSP Library integrates several functions that enable developers working with the Renesas RX600 and RX200 MCU devices to reduce development time. For example, instead of writing the filter code from scratch, developers can simply select one of the filter codes from the fully optimized and debugged DSP Library, freeing up time and resources to work on other tasks, such as fine tuning the filter’s response to meet system requirements. Since you don’t have to do any debug or performance optimization, development time can be reduced significantly, anywhere from days to weeks.


In addition to the line up of 308 functions, the DSP Library supports rich data types, including 16-bit fixed point, complex 16-bit fixed point, 32-bit fixed point, complex 32-bit fixed point, 32-bit floating point, and complex 32-bit floating point, and offers fine grain options such as scaling options for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).


Pricing and Availability


The DSP Library is available now and can be downloaded free of charge from the Renesas website at The current library supports the High-Performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) and the Renesas RXC compiler. Future versions of the library will also add support for GCC, IAR, and e2studio tool chains, and will be supported by a web-based filter design utility.


Renesas Electronics America will highlight technologies that are enabling a Smart Society at the Renesas Electronics DevCon 2012 being held in Orange County, Calif., October 22-25. For the latest Renesas DevCon details and activities, visit, follow @RenesasAmerica on Twitter or join the DevCon community on Facebook.


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