NLT Technologies Introduces Mid-Size, Full High-Definition LCD Module with Superior Viewing Performance for Portable Broadcasting Equipment

16 May 2012

KAWASAKI, JAPAN, SANTA CLARA, Calif., DUSSELDORF, Germany, May 16, 2012 — NLT Technologies, Ltd. (NLT), together with its sales and marketing channels in the Americas and Europe, Renesas Electronics America and Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH, today announced the successful development of a new 9.0-inch (23 centimeters diagonal) full high-definition (FHD) LCD module that delivers superior viewing performance in a mid-size form factor. The new display module, part number NL192108AC10-01D, incorporates NLT’s proprietary Super Fine TFT (SFT) technology to achieve ultra-wide viewing angles without compromising brightness or color gamut, while providing FHD (1920x1080) resolution for portable broadcasting equipment and other for industrial applications.


"The demand for higher resolution and color saturation is growing for display devices used in portable broadcasting equipment and cameras, as these applications are required to display increasingly diverse and complex information in a variety of conditions," said Omid Milani, Vice President, Displays, Renesas Electronics America. "Developed with these industry needs in mind, the new 9.0-inch FHD LCD module is the latest example of how NLT is innovating LCD display module devices to address the complexities of portable devices with FHD capabilities, and further demonstrates the companies’ ongoing commitment to the industrial display market."


Using NLT's proprietary SFT technology, one of the company’s core technologies comparable to in-plane switching (IPS) technology, the new 9.0-inch LCD module delivers excellent viewing performance even in off-angle viewing conditions. The display provides high-quality moving images, high luminance, a wide color gamut, high transmissivity, clear, and vivid color reproduction. These features are key for use in preview monitoring and verification in broadcasting equipment, as well as high-end display applications like portable medical diagnostic imaging equipment.


With support for FHD resolution, an exceptionally high pixel density of 245 pixels per inch and a 103.5 micron meter pixel pitch, the new LCD module provides high resolution in a mid-size amorphous-silicon (AS) TFT color LCD. The 9.0-inch LCD achieves an ultra-wide viewing angle of 176 degrees horizontally and vertically, and high luminance of 400 candelas per square meter (cd/m2). The SFT technology also reduces color shift that may occur with changes in the viewing angle. The combination of high resolution and pixel density with off-angle viewability allows the 9.0-inch FHD LCD module to display information, including microscopic patterns, quickly, precisely and without visual stress in a variety of viewing angles in either portrait or landscape orientation.


The new LCD also achieves a wide color gamut of 72 percent (NTSC ratio), nearly equivalent to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) standard – the de-facto standard in broadcast fields. This produces high-quality color video images that can be confirmed through a viewfinder equipped with the display. The form factor is convenient for use in standard broadcasting studio equipment, which allows for two displays of up to 9 inches maximum.


The new LCD module will be showcased in Renesas Electronics America and NLT Technologies’ booth (#343) at Display Week 2012, June 5-7, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.


For specifications on the new 9.0-inch FHD LCD module, model NL192108AC10-01 D, please refer to the separate spec sheet.


About Renesas Electronics America’s Display Business

Renesas Electronics America is the authorized representative in the Americas of NLT Technologies, Ltd. (established July 2011 as a joint venture between NEC Corporation and Shenzhen AVIC Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.), a leading supplier of innovative LCD products for industrial applications. With an extensive lineup of 2.7- to 22.5-inch active-matrix LCD modules and a network of distributors and value-added partners (VAPs), Renesas Electronics America provides complete display module solutions from NLT Technologies to the industrial, medical and high-end monitor market. In addition to modules based on NLT Technologies' SFT for ultra-wide viewing, Renesas Electronics America also offers LCD modules that include ultra-high resolutions, wide temperature ranges, high contrast ratios, rich color gamuts, backward compatibility, LED backlights, and transflective viewing for use in diverse lighting environments.


Renesas Electronics America and NLT Technologies are committed to delivering innovative, high-performance, eco-conscious LCD solutions that address the diverse size, power and high image-quality needs of their industrial, medical and high-end monitor customers. Based on technologies developed by NLT Technologies, the LCD modules are optimized and designed for a range of applications, including portable and fixed medical equipment, test and measurement devices, instrumentation equipment, point-of-sale systems, gaming systems, global positioning systems, radio-frequency identification devices and barcode scanners.


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