IDT LRDIMM Chipset Drives NVDIMM Performance to the Next Level in Big Data Analytics

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IDT LRDIMM Chipset Drives NVDIMM Performance to the Next Level in Big Data Analytics

27 Sep 2016

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 27, 2016 — Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) (NASDAQ: IDTI) today announced that Diablo Technologies has selected the IDT® DR4 LRDIMM chipset as the preferred interface solution for its award-winning Memory1™ 128GB system memory module. By dramatically enhancing data movement and signal integrity between the CPU memory controller and media, the IDT chipset enables flash memory to operate at the speed of DRAM in NVDIMM applications. This speed and bandwidth performance is a critical element for solutions like Memory1 that are transforming the landscape of memory intensive computing.

“Diablo teamed with IDT because we needed high-performance, low latency components to develop our ground-breaking Memory1 product,” said Kevin Wagner, vice president of Marketing for Diablo Technologies. “IDT’s DDR4 chipset is one of the critical ingredients in our ultra-high capacity memory module that enables our customers to significantly increase their compute efficiency while reducing their costs.”

Memory1 provides 1TB or 2TB of system memory in a single two-socket server using economical, conventional flash memory. Diablo’s flash-based DIMMs support a wide range of enterprise workloads, including big data analytics, database and caching servers.

IDT's DDR4 LRDIMM chipset enables unparalleled speed and bandwidth for both traditional and emerging classes of memory modules. By providing a bridge between the memory channel and module media that includes signal conditioning, data alignment and fault detection, the IDT solution extracts the maximum available memory performance from any server or storage platform.

“Inspur is the first server vendor to integrate Diablo’s Memory1 modules into our servers, introducing systems with the maximum available system memory,” said Dolly Wu, general manager of Inspur. “Our collaboration with Diablo Technologies on Big Data applications enables up to 40TB of memory on a single server rack of 1U or 2U systems. Integrating high-performance, high-capacity and low-latency Memory1 flash DIMMs based on Diablo’s Memory1 architecture and IDT’s DDR4 chipset into Inspur servers allows support for more and larger workloads per node with no changes to application software.”

“IDT’s DDR4 LRDIMM chipset is an essential enabler of cutting-edge NVDIMM applications, such as Memory1,” said Sean Fan, vice president and general manager of IDT’s Computing and Communications Division. “Such solutions have the potential to change the entire landscape of in-memory computing, and it’s an exciting place for us to demonstrate our industry leadership.”

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