Making the New Normal Possible

Our first mission statement brings everyone at Renesas together in driving towards a safer, healthier, greener and smarter world. That does not just stop because of COVID-19; we are working tirelessly to support our customers in making the sustainable, new normal possible. Sometimes game-changing innovation benefits from disruption and upheaval, and we believe our practical solutions are perfectly matched to deal with the societal and industrial challenges that we are all confronted with in face of the far-reaching implications of the coronavirus.

Innovative solutions make the new normal possible

Technology plays a key role in addressing the challenges of COVID-19, and Renesas is committed to developing the solutions our customers can use to make a sustainable, new normal possible. Here are some of the ways our innovative solutions are helping millions of people around the world.

Indoor Air Quality Control Solution

image: Indoor air quality control solution

Renesas offers a control solution to improve indoor air quality for IoT smart homes, office buildings, and factory automation sites. Renesas solutions sense the environment for gases to measure and improve air quality.

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HVAC Air Quality Solution

image: HVAC air quality solution

Air quality affects our health and well-being. Renesas’ Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) air quality sensor reference design provides a complete solution that helps HVAC systems meet air quality regulations and save energy.

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HVAC Humidity Sensor

image: HVAC humidity sensor

Accurately measuring humidity at home, work and in healthcare facilities has never been more important. Renesas’ HVAC humidity sensor provides a motor control system solution with relative humidity and temperature measurement that meets the IEC/UL 60730 safety standard.

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Air Quality Monitor PM2.5 detector

image: Air Quality

Air quality can be compromised due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as tiny particulates in the air. This reference design utilizes sensors to detect air quality contaminants and sends a secure alert to the cloud via Wi-Fi connection.

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Building Entry Detector

image: Entry

Time of Flight (ToF) technology has become more popular because of its high performance features and ability to detect presence and proximity for monitoring a room or building occupancy remotely. This reference system incorporates the ISL29501 ToF IC that provides accurate wide range distance measurement.

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Lidar System Solution

image: LeddarTech

An SoC jointly developed by Renesas and LeddarTech is used for LeddarTech's LeddarTM Pixell, a 3D solid-state flash cocoon Lidar that provides highly reliable detection of pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles in the vehicle's vicinity and is ideal for use in perception platforms that are meant to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable road users (VRU). Although this LiDAR, with 180-degree field of view, was explicitly designed for ADAS and autonomous driving applications, the technology could also be used to enable social distancing management systems. Watch the video to learn more (LeddarTech).

Automated Guided Vehicles Solution

image: Automated guided vehicles

Renesas’ safety controller MCU RH850/P1M was adopted in the development of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). In a post-COVID-19 world of mobility, AGVs are expected to be a solution to decrease dependency on human contact.

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Drone Solution

image: Drone

Drones are a safe tool to quickly deliver critical medicine to hospitals and groceries to individual homes without human contact. Renesas’ motor control solutions, power management and Li-ion battery management ICs are suitable for such drone development.

E-bike System Solution

image: E-bike

With many restaurants and shops turning to delivery, the need for an efficient, fast-moving micro-mobility is greater than ever. Renesas offers a complete e-bike system solution with high reliability and innovative battery management and electronic locks.

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In-Car Ventilation System Solution

image: In-Car ventilation

It is important to provide frequent ventilation, especially in taxis and shared vehicles. Renesas offers an HVAC solution that includes an extensive lineup of CAN/LIN MCUs as well an array of analog and power devices ideal for use in motor units.

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Due to the pandemic, more people are working from home along with their school-age children taking online classes. This has spurred the need for even more Internet connectivity, higher 5G bandwidth and an explosion of data center hardware and cloud applications. Work from home is likely to stay as the ‘New Normal’ for many post COVID-19 employees and the requirements for more bandwidth and cloud usage will continue to grow unabated.

Cellular Base Station Solution

image: cellular base station

Due to the pandemic, more people are working from home and their school-age children are taking online classes. Renesas’ 5G base station solutions meet the needs of those working from home with cutting-edge analog, power and mixed-signal RF products that manage the increased amount of data and video being transmitted via the cloud.

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Wireline Infrastructure Computing

image: wireline infrastructure

The growing need to work and school from home demands next-generation wireline infrastructure equipment. Renesas’ timing and power solutions reduce computing component count and logistics for 10G-400G Ethernet switches, enterprise core and edge routers, optical transport networks, packet transport networks and access network equipment.

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Enterprise Server

image: enterprise server

Data center server racks process the cloud computing data and video applications that support the new normal as many of us work and school from home. Renesas’ high performance timing and broad portfolio of power products addresses the needs of modern enterprise server systems.

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Our Innovative Solutions Against COVID-19

Pulse Oximeter

image: Oximeter

Renesas’ pulse oximeter solution is used in medical devices that clip to a patient’s fingertip to measure heart rate and blood oxygen level. By monitoring a patient’s lung functions, these devices play a crucial role in hospitals addressing COVID-19 pneumonia-like symptoms.

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Ventilator System

image: ventilator

In order to combat the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Renesas introduced an open-source reference design that customers can use to quickly design ready-to-assemble boards for medical ventilators.

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Oxygen Inhalers

image: ventilator

Renesas’ sensor signal conditioners (SSCs) are being used by companies building ventilators and oxygen inhalers.

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Contactless Thermometer

image: thermometer

Renesas’ Infrared contactless thermometer solution provides a safe approach to measuring body temperature at airports, hospitals and other safety checkpoints without making skin contact.

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Blood Glucose Solution

image: blood glucose meter

Renesas provides reference design for a personal blood glucose meter. Personal blood glucose meters can be used by COVID-19 patients to check their own blood glucose levels and provide the readings to the health care personnel caring for them.

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Electronic Drug Delivery System

image: Electronic Drug Delivery System

Some patients need multiple medications delivered by smart infusion pumps programmed to deliver precise medication doses. Customers using Renesas MCUs and software following the ISO12207 standard can dramatically reduce time-to-market and development costs.

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CPAP Devices

image: CPAP therapy

Clinicians and health experts suggest that CPAP therapy can be used with COVID-19 patients. Renesas’ CPAP flow sensor solution controls motor speed for better flow accuracy in CPAP devices.

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Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment

image: ultraviolet disinfection equipment

To help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Renesas has created a reference design for a portable ultraviolet disinfection wand that is foldable and travel friendly. The design employs the Renesas RL78/G12 microcontroller, ISL9205D Li-ion battery charger, and ISL9021A LDO regulator.

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Online Training & Support

We understand the challenges presented by lockdowns and home-office working. That’s why we have a broad palette of online support tools, such as webinars and seminars, trainings, simulators and design tools.

image: Training icon



Online training

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image: Design Tools icon

Design Tools

iSim Design & Simulation Tool

PowerCompass Multi-Load Configurator

Power Cross Reference

Clock Tree Design Tool

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Message from Renesas President and CEO on COVID-19

image: CEO

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to all communities impacted worldwide by COVID-19. At Renesas, we learnt from our own experiences in the face of several natural disasters, that it is the deeply held values and beliefs in a company that bring us together most during a crisis. As we are working diligently to navigate through these uncertain times, I assure you that we have taken the necessary steps to both maintain business continuity (applying skill-sets gained from previous crises), while also prioritizing the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities.

We remain committed to being a strong and dependable partner to you and your teams as this dynamic situation unfolds. We will keep the information about our measures against the novel coronavirus below updated so we can ease any concerns you may have.

Please look after yourselves and your families and stay safe.


autograph: Hidetoshi Shibata

Hidetoshi Shibata
Representative Director, President & CEO
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Business Continuity

Our People

image: travel bans icon

Business travel bans put in place worldwide early 2020.

image: hygiene icon

Offices have hygiene instructions and measures in line with WHO recommendations.

image: Home-office icon

Home-office work started before many local lockdowns were introduced.

For the future we are considering how to adopt the benefits we’ve experienced from working at home, and the impact of what this means for work under the “new normal”.

image: Mask icon

Ensured we have masks at many of our sites (many from donations from customers) for employees having to work on-site (production sites, laboratories etc).

image: Short Time Work icon

In short-term, we have introduced measures around the globe, short time work or furlough to both reduce costs and prevent the spread of infection.

image: caring icon

Utmost care being taken when considering how and when to return to “normal” operations in line with local legislation.

A myriad of local regulations means handling is different from country to country. At a time when there were no masks available, we got a shipment through to all our colleagues and their families in Italy which was highly appreciated!

Our Production

image: Our Production icon

We experienced some short-term reductions in output in our back-end facilities in both China and Malaysia following the recent government decisions there and remain in close contact with all necessary authorities in order to make sure our fabs fulfil customer demand. Our focus is currently on prioritizing demand increases for both healthcare equipment production and internet-related products following increases in working from home owing to “stay at home” measures around the world; our internal priority is to reduce turn-around time (TAT). We have already been able to support customers showing huge increases in the short term in demand for their products in these fields and already received recognition from them.

Our Supply

image: Our Production icon

As part of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), we are maintaining customer communication in line with our BCP commitments and are handling the volatile global logistics supply situation in order to maintain deliveries to all customers during the fight against COVID-19.

Community Support

In 2011, during the Great Eastern Earthquake, we received unsolicited support from around the world. This strengthened our belief in the importance of community – we know how important this is.

We have both received (from many customers – thank you) as well as given PPE & equipment donations to hospitals and medical facilities in the US (San Jose & Sacramento), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Ipoh) and Germany (Düsseldorf). In Japan, 10 of our regional offices organised the donation of face masks to their local city/prefecture administrations. We are also supporting our local communities, be it a food bank organisation in California, donations to schools and NGO’s in Malaysia, contributions by our Trade Union in Vietnam to the government-run COVID-19 support fund, or teaming up with Edu Life Centre for funding, packing, and distributing Care Packs to the underprivileged in Singapore.

In the News

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May 26, 2020


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May 11, 2020


DK Singh, Director of Systems and Solutions Team at Renesas shares features of the open-source ventilator design.

April 30, 2020


Renesas was interviewed by All Electronics on how we are dealing with COVID-19 related restrictions and when we expect to return to “normal”.


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