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When 1st Renesas Silicon Comes to the Market, Our Debugger is Ready on Your Desk


Mr. Stephan Lauterbach,, managing director of Lauterbach GmbH, tells about Lauterbach's long term relationship with Renesas. Mutual trust and respect makes it possible to ship a Lauterbach debugger in parallel to the 1st silicon of a Renesas microprocessor.

Stephan Lauterbach

Stephan Lauterbach Managing Director,
Lauterbach GmbH

30+ years of experience brings you the best debugging experience

— Could you give us your company overview?

Mr. Lauterbach:Lauterbach is the world’s leading manufacturer of complete, modular microprocessor development tools with more than 30 years’ experience in the field of embedded designs. Besides the Headquarters in Hoehenkirchen, Germany, the company has its own branch offices in United Kingdom, Italy, France, on the East and West coasts of the United States, Japan and China. Lauterbach is a completely independent and privately owned company with steadfast connections with all key semiconductor manufacturers. This, combined with ground-breaking innovations and a genuine focus on customer satisfaction, has rewarded Lauterbach with exceptional growth throughout most of the company‘s history.

— Can you talk a little bit about the Company history?

Mr. Lauterbach:In 1979 my brother Lothar Lauterbach founded a one-man firm, and I joined in 1982. The first real in-circuit-emulator, TRACE80, developed for the Z80 dates from this time. The high-level language debugger for C and PL/M caused a real sensation. TRACE80 quickly became a top seller. This laid the foundation for the next milestone, the development of the legendary, universal in-circuit emulator TRACE32-ICE. This emulator was a modular design so that it could support as many different types of 8 to 32-bit microcontrollers as possible and at the same time offer ground-breaking new technical options.

In 1994 Lauterbach took another important policy decision that ensured the present success of the company. That year the first BDM debugger was developed. This marked the birth of the TRACE32-PowerDebug JTAG debugger. More than 100,000 debuggers have been installed worldwide.

Figure 1: Best seller model PowerTrace II supporting RH850.

Figure 1: Best seller model PowerTrace II supporting RH850. See more details:

Work for customers with Renesas

— Could you introduce about your major products?

Mr. Lauterbach:Lauterbach´s focus is on integrated debug and trace environments for embedded designs. The debug environment is designed to provide quick and efficient testing of your embedded design. All of the base modules of PowerDebug are completely universal. Migration to a new processor architecture is very simple – just exchange the debug cable. A real-time trace system to record program/data flow data and timing is provided by the universal trace hardware, PowerTrace, using a trace probe specific to the processor architecture.

All development is carried out at the company headquarters in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, near Munich. Incorporating the latest methods of development, Lauterbach puts great emphasis on creating state-of-the-art development tools. The majority of business comes from the telecom industry (especially the mobile phone vendors) and the automotive industry.

When our customers want to start developing with the very latest generations of microprocessors, they can rely on Lauterbach being the first to market with quality tools. Thanks to the high level of cooperation between Lauterbach and the semiconductor manufacturers Lauterbach has proven time-to-market concept many times over the years.

Creating long-term relationships with Renesas has many advantages

— Could you explain about your business relationship with Renesas?

Mr. Lauterbach:Lauterbach has had a long term relationship with Renesas and even with their predecessor companies Hitachi, Mitsubishi and NEC. There is an outstanding support from Renesas in providing Lauterbach with their latest product road maps and supporting us with all the technical information and equipment needed to configure the tools to work with the latest chips from Renesas. It needs to be close and trusting as both parties will need to disclose highly confidential information to the other. Close cooperation with Renesas in the early design phase allows Lauterbach to start the development of the tools before the first silicon comes to market. This ensures that tools can be available for use with the first silicon. The cooperation with Renesas has been excellent for many years. It was never a problem to get evaluation-boards or documentation when needed. Renesas always respond us quickly and with accurate information.

TRACE32 supports Renesas RH850

— Tell us about your development tools for Renesas’s Automotive MCU-RH850.

Mr. Lauterbach: The TRACE32 tools provide quick, effective RH850 processor debugging through a standard NEXUS interface for the entire debug process. The included TRACE32 PowerView software provides an efficient and user-friendly high-level language (HLL) debugger for C and C++, as well as AUTOSAR operating system awareness.

Figure 2: TRACE32 PowerView provides rich debugging experience.

Figure 2: TRACE32 PowerView provides rich debugging experience.

High speed serial interface, AURORA, will be available soon

— Could you explain your future direction?

Mr. Lauterbach :With TRACE32, the growing numbers of developers using RH850, now have access to a full range of debug functionality, from bootstrap code to interrupt routines and drivers. Lauterbach is committed to continue bringing additional features and future extensions to customers using the Renesas RH850 Family of Automotive MCUs since the automotive industry strongly demands real time trace capabilities from the chips and the tools.

When we receive requests from customers, we carefully evaluate their voice. Most requests can be quickly satisfied.
Trace capabilities are important for automotive customers because most of the components in a car are safety critical. For example code coverage is needed to fulfill the requirement of ISO 26262.
Lauterbach will follow this requirement and bring the first NEXUS parallel trace for the RH850 family at the beginning of 2014. A high-speed serial trace probe for the AURORA interface will follow in mid 2014. The AURORA interface provides higherbandwith and less pin numbers for debug. Higher bandwidth is important on realtime debug performance. And for many applications it is not acceptable to spend 16 pins (or more) to provide trace support.

— Renesas Edge appreciates your detailed explanation on your products and relationship with Renesas. We expect our relationship will enhance both of our customer's performance.

Established : 1979
Headquarters : Altlaufstr. 40
Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Bayern, 85635 Germany
Locations : Lauterbach has its own branch offices in United Kingdom, in Italy and France, on the East and West Coast of the United States, in Japan and in China. Highly qualified sales and support engineers are also available in many other countries.