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The following page content corresponds to the products marketed in Japan.
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Part Name Search

You can search for products by part name to find product information pages, related documents, and status information. MPUs & MCUs can also be searched for by Family/Series/Group name as an alternative to part name. The search results page is also useful for comparing products.

Enter a part name in the search box on the top right of each page and click the Search button to see the results for Keyword Search and Part Name Search.

Screen Layout

1 Part name search
Enter a part name (or MPU/MCU Family, Series, or Group), and click the Search button to see a list of matching product part name. The search is not case-sensitive.
2Product selection area
The product selection area appears when it is possible to further refine the search results by product. The number in parentheses () to the right of each product indicates the number of part name linked to that product.

As shown in the above figure, click the + (plus) button to expand (A). Clicking a device (B) filters the search results. To filter by a different device, click a different device (C). Multiple devices cannot be selected at the same time.
3 Change page, 4 Compare products button, 5 Items per page, and 6 Sort search results
Use the above areas to move between search results pages, compare products, and sort order.
For details on how to compare products, see Useful Features of Part Name Search.
7Part name, 8Documents, 9Product classification
Clicking a part name will open a page showing package and other information.
Clicking a document icon will open a list of documents for that part name in a new window (the document column does not appear for tools).
Clicking a product classification will open the product page to which the part name belongs in a new window (the product classification column does not appear for tools).

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Useful Features of Part Name Search

Compare Products

You can compare the specifications of two or more products. This makes it easy to see the differences between products.

1. Mark check boxes and click Compare2. Product comparison table (new window)

  • In the search results table, mark the check boxes to the right of the products that you want to compare, and click "Compare".
  • A product comparison table will open in a new window. Specifications that differ between the selected products will be highlighted (yellow background). Sort order and other display settings can be adjusted in the same way as in the specifications table.

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