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The following page content corresponds to the products marketed in Japan.
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Product FAQs

The Product FAQs page contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers. You can filter your search results to efficiently find the information you need.

Screen Layout

1 Product FAQs keyword search
You can filter your product FAQs search results by keywords.
For details on product FAQs keyword search, see How to Filter Your Search Results.
2 Product selection area and 3 Function selection area
You can filter your product FAQs search results by Product and Function. The number in parentheses () to the right of each item indicates the number of FAQs linked to that item.
For details on selecting products and functions, see How to Filter Your Search Results.
4 Change page and 5 Display settings
You can move between search result pages and change the sort order and the number of items displayed per page. The default display settings are sort by date (descending order by issue date) and 10 items per page.
6 Search results
The FAQ, its Issue Date, relevant Functions, Relevant Products, and FAQ NO (FAQ number) are shown here. You can see which products are relevant to the FAQ by clicking Relevant Products.
7 FAQs
Clicking on the FAQ text opens the answer and other details in a new window.

How to Filter Your Search Results

Filtering by Product and Function

Search for FAQs filtered by product and function.
In the Filter by Product and Filter by Function areas, click the + (plus) button to expand subcategories (see below figure).Clicking the button hides the subcategory. By selecting both a product and a function, you can search for FAQs relevant to both.

1. Click +button to expand2. Click a product to filter3. Remove filters by clicking reset or All reset
  • To select a product, in the Filter by Product area, click the +(plus) button of the product group that includes your product and expand subcategory levels until your product is displayed.
  • Click a product name to filter. The search results will refresh to show only FAQs relevant to the product that you selected.
    You can filter by function in the same way in the Filter by Function area.
  • The currently selected filters appear in the Selected Filters area. You can remove individual filters by clicking Reset in the Products, Functions, or Selected Filters areas. You can remove all filters by clicking All Reset.

Product FAQs Keyword Search

Search for product FAQs by entering terms in the keyword search box. Use this in conjunction with product and function filters to find the FAQ you want easily.

1. Filter by keyword2. Adding another keyword 3. Remove filters by clicking "reset"
  • Enter a keyword in the keyword search box and click Search to filter FAQs by keyword.
  • You can add more keywords separated with spaces.
  • Entered keywords can be removed by clicking Reset in the Selected Filters area.

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