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The following page content corresponds to the products marketed in Japan.
If you do not live in Japan, please

Non-Renesas Equivalent Product Search

You can search for Renesas equivalents of diodes, transistors, thyristors/triacs, and general-purpose logic and linear (operational amplifiers, comparators, shunt regulators, system monitoring ICs), USB ASSP devices from other companies. The criteria that Renesas uses to determine an equivalent product may differ from the criteria you use to determine an equivalent product. Be sure to verify function, characteristic, and specification details on datasheets or other documentation for products found in your search results.
Please be aware that this search function is not guaranteed to cover all equivalent products from all other companies. In the event a non-Renesas equivalent product cannot be found, please use Parametric Search to search for an equivalent product by function or characteristics
*Non-Renesas Equivalent Product Search does not cover MPUs and MCUs, memory, and ASSP ICs.

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Non-Renesas Equivalent Part Name Search

Non-Renesas Equivalent Product Search

Enter at least three characters of the part name of the product for which you want to find an equivalent, and click Search. The search is not case-sensitive.

Search Results

Search Results

Search Results

Verify functions and characteristics on datasheets and other documentation.
Search Results

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