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The following page content corresponds to the products marketed in Japan.
If you do not live in Japan, please

Obsolete / Discontinued Product Search

You can search for obsolete or discontinued products or products that will be discontinued (non-promotion, EOL [end-of-life] announced, and EOL) by part name.
Please be aware that this search function is not guaranteed to cover all discontinued products. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact your sales agent or distributor. Also, for discontinued Renesas development tools, see here.

Screen Layout

Discontinued Product Search

Obsolete / discontinued product part name search
Enter a part name (or MPU/MCU Family, Series, or Group), and click the Search button to see relevant part name and supplementary information. The search is not case-sensitive.
You can search for more information at once by entering part name separated by spaces. The result is an OR search for products matching any of the part name entered.
Ex: Searching for "r8c superh" will result in part name for both discontinued R8C products and discontinued SuperH products.
Device selection area
You can filter the search results by device. The number in parentheses () to the right of each device indicates the number of part name linked Product status selection
You can filter your search results by three discontinued product statuses: non-promotion products, EOL announced products, and EOL products.
The number in parentheses () to the right of each product status indicates the number of part name with that status. Product statuses are defined as follows.
to that device.
Device selection area
As shown in the above figure, click the + (plus) button to expand (A). Clicking a device (B) filters the search results and displays the selected. To filter by a different device, click a different device (C).
Multiple devices cannot be selected at the same time.

Non-Promotion Products
Support is provided only for customers who have already adopted these products. We do not recommend adoption of these products in new designs.

EOL Announced Products
Discontinuation of production has been announced for these products. They should no longer be used in new designs.

EOL Products
A certain prescribed period of time has passed since EOL was announced for these products, and production has been discontinued.
Change page
Move between search results pages.
Part name list
Search results are displayed in a part name list for each product status. Clicking a part name will open a page showing package and other information. Clicking a document icon will open a list of documents for that part name in a new window. Clicking a product classification will open the product page to which the part name belongs in a new window.

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