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The following page content corresponds to the products marketed in Japan.
If you do not live in Japan, please

Welcome to Renesas Electronics Support, where you can find information and help relating to product support. We recommend that you make use of our FAQ or search services before submitting an inquiry. Learn about our ecosystem here.

Contact Us

For pricing, availability, QA, etc., please contact the sales representative in your area.

My Renesas

Please register from here for use of exclusive Renesas services.

Software Library

Please click the link above to find software libraries. 1,000 + free sample code available.

Software Download

It is possible to search for tool products and sample programs etc. that can be downloaded for use from the website. Registration with "My Renesas" is required in order to download certain items, such as free evaluation versions.

Partner Information

Please click the links below for information on Renesas partners.

Training & Workshops

For information on training/workshops, please click the link below.


Renesas Rulz
A forum and community site to share technical information, questions and opinions with others who use RenesasMCU's.

Environmental Activities

Please click here for information on our environmental philosophy.

Product FAQs

For access to our most frequently asked inquiries.


Please click here to read the online web magazine "RENESAS EDGE" which provides the latest information on Renesas Electronics and trends on technology.

Parametric Search

With our parametric search facility you can find the product most suitable for your application quickly and easily.

Document Library

To get information on Renesas' full document libraries, please click the links below.

Application Notes

Search for application notes.

Non-Renesas Equivalent Products Search

Search for Renesas products that are equivalent to products from other companies.

Discontinued Products Search

Search for non-promotion, EOL (end-of-life), and other discontinued products and their documentation.

Sample Code

Information on using microcomputer peripheral functions, and example systems, are provided in the form of source programs. Fully loaded with tips for microcomputer programming! Please use them by all means.

Quality & Reliability

At Renesas Electronics Corporation, we keep in mind our aim of being an enterprise that inspires trust. We consider continuing to provide products with quality such that customers feel secure in using them to be an important part of achieving this vision.

Ecosystem My Renesas Renesas Rulz

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