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The following page content corresponds to the products marketed in Japan.
If you do not live in Japan, please

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Alliance Partner Program

See the latest information on products and services from Renesas' partners.

Parametric Search

Find products by characteristics parameters, part name, type of package, and so on.

Software Library

Over 2000 free sample programs, including drivers, middleware, and stack, are available.

Document Search

Search for documentation by product or document type.

Tool News

View the online version of Tool News. You can search by MCU/product.

Application Notes & Sample Code Search

Search for application notes by product and function. SFR definition files and sample code are also available.

Tool Download

Search for free evaluation tools, utilities, and updates to download.

FAQ Search

Search frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we've received from our customers.

Obsolete/Discontinued Product Search

Search for information on discontinued or obsolete products. Product datasheets are available.

Non-Renesas Equivalent Product Search

Search for Renesas products with equivalent capabilities/functions to diodes, transistors, thyristors/TRIACs, general-purpose logics, general-purpose linear, and USB ASSPs from other companies.

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