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DTMF library

Target devices

RX600 Series
R8C Family
M16C Family M16C/Tiny Series
H8 Family H8/300H Tiny Series

Renesas provides evaluation versions of each MCUs free-of-charge. Please download the appropriate file here.


M3S-DTMF-Tiny is a software library for generating and detecting DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tones, and it just requires small memory.

We have the various lineup of MCUs , including R8C Family, which are suitable for use in applications such as single-function home appliances and compact industrial equipment, where the incorporation of more sophisticated functionality or the newest technology, with a negligible increase in cost, is desired. To support such development activities, Renesas offers software libraries with only the essential features for application, at low cost.

Use of M3S-DTMF-Tiny enables you to introduce DTMF tones generation and detection capabilities to your systems designed with supported MCUs.

Version Information

M3S-DTMF-Tiny for the RX Family
Latest Ver.: V.1.00 Release 00
Released: Jul 21, 2011

Latest Ver.: V.1.01 Release 00
Application Note Ver.: Rev.1.00
Released: Mar 6, 2009
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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