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Emulation and Debugging


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We offer a range of products, from low-cost on-chip debugging emulators with basic functions to full-spec emulators with rich, high-performance debugging functions, to accommodate Renesas MCU development environments of all types. Customers can choose the emulator product that is best suited to their needs.

* Click an emulator in the below graphic to jump to its product page.

IECUBE Emulator E100 Emulator E100 Emulator SDI Emulator E8a E30A Emulator E10A-USB Emulator E20 Emulator E2 emulator Lite E1 Emulator IE850 Emulator



*1. Some of the target MCUs are supported.

*2. You can use the E20 Emulator for the RH850, V850, RL78, 78K0R, 78K0 and R8C; however, the supported debugging function corresponds to that of the E1 Emulator.

*3. E8a supports the H8S Family H8S/Tiny Series. E10A-USB supports MCU with H-UDI in other H8S Family Mcus.

*4.The SDI Emulator is a generic name representing the M32100T5-SDI-E, M32100T3-SDI-E,
and M32100T-EZ-E. The M32R has JTAG-based debugging functions called SDI (Scalable Debug Interface),
and this emulator allows on-chip debugging with the SDI. In Select the SDI emulator best-suited to your needs.

This image indicates target MCUs. For details, please see here. ** Scheduled to be supported


Compact Emulators

Compact design model featuring full-fledged debug functions at affordable price, the compact emulator is the best to use for small-to-medium scale development. This all necessities prepackaged product helps you to get started on application development soon after purchase. Wide-ranging lineups for the M16C, H8, 740 and 720 Families are available.

M30870T2-CPE | M30850T3-CPE | M3062PT3-CPE | M3062PT3-CPE-2 | M3062PT3-CPE-5 | M3028BT2-CPE | M3028BT2-CPE-1 | R0E521000CPE00 | R0E521237CPE00 | M38000T2-CPE

In-circuit Emulators

Renesas provides various in-circuit emulators with full-spec and sophisticated debugging features.

IE850 | IECUBE | E100 | E200F (Discontinued Product) | E6000H (Discontinued Product) | E6000 (Discontinued Product) | M32100T5-SDI-E

Monitor Debuggers

Debugger for M16C Family. The debug function is enabled when writing the monitor program to the MCU and initiates communication between the PC debugger software and the monitor program. Use RS-232 Port for interface.

M32C M16C UART Monitor Program | R8C UART Monitor Program

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