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With USB 3.0 compatible controler and usb2.0 host for embedded use, Renesas Electronics supports the development of your next-generation sets.

USB3.0 Host Controller

USB3.0 Host Controller

Presenting the ultra-low power USB 3.0 Host Controller LSI
μPD720201 and μPD720202 are ultra-low power USB 3.0 host controller LSIs that reduce standby power consumption of PCs and digital TVs by 90% compared to Renesas Electronics' existing products and increase data transfer speed by about 40%. Furthermore, they are equipped in small QFN packages reducing mounting area.


Stream API Licensing Program


Through the Renesas Stream API licensing program (in the form of a software library/wrapper), the software house will integrate the software wrapper to their driver such as a UAS driver. Using this approach, the software house’s driver is now compatible with all hardware using host driver that supports Renesas' proprietary Stream API, expanding the benefit of the high data transfer performance from stream API, maintaining the solid interoperability that Renesas has built into USB complete software solution and, at the same time, offering it to more end users.


Renesas Electronics prepare the microcontrollers with USB control function (host and peripheral).  *:New Product
Please refer to the "USB Portal" web page.


Support Policy for USB Products.
You will need to obtain technical support from the manufacturer of your board or system.

Renesas cannot provide technical support directly to end users of other manufacturers' products. We work closely with the manufacturers to provide technical support to them as needed for any Renesas devices and software in their products, but it is up to the manufacturers to determine what tools to make available to their customers.
If you are a direct Renesas customer developing a product that will utilize Renesas devices, please contact your local Renesas Sales representative for additional support from Renesas.


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