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"µPD60801" has 30 Mbit eDRAM inside and can be displayed high resolution image like WSVGA (1024 x 600)×2 image (double buffer), in 24-bit full color (16.77 million color). Built-in AGCPS-Ⅱ function, automatically adjust the contrast and brightness of the backlight according to the image data and ambient light sensor's input data. Can be connected with Host side by MIPI and MDDI input interface.


  • Frame Buffer: 30 Mbit eDRAM low power high density memory
  • Support Resolution: WVGA/FWVGA/qHD/WSVGA (Double Buffer)
  • Input Interface (Host side): MDDI V1.2 Type-2 (High-speed Serial) MIPI DSI (High-speed Serial)
  • Output Interface(Panel side): MIPI DPI-2 (RGB Parallel)
  • Output Format: RGB888, RGB666, RGB565
  • Image Processing Function: AGCPS-Ⅱ(LCD Backlight and Image Contrast Management)
    Window Access (Picture-in-Picture)
    4:1 Up-scaling
    Rotation (90 degreed, Upside-Down, Flip)
  • Tearing Effect Control: Double Buffer Mode, or
    Image timing adjustment of Host side by TE pin signal
  • GPIO: 4 port
  • Power Supply Voltage: External supply voltage, 1.8V only
  • Package: 144-pin FPBGA(5.6x5.6mm), 0.4mm ball pitch

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


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µPD60801 Pamphlet
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µPD60801 Data Sheet
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