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Secure MCUs


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Product Overview

The security field requires secure MCUs optimized. The 16-bit (RS-4 Series) and 32-bit (AE-5 Series) CPUs with instruction compatibility from Renesas have been developed to fulfil this need.


  • Secure independent architecture CPU and code processing
  • High reliability non-volatile memory EEPROM on-chip
    • Large volume memory suited for miniaturized architectures


Series Functions EEPROM Capacity
2 KB 4 KB 8 KB 16 KB 32 KB 64 KB 128 KB 256 KB
AE-5 With Modular Multiplication Coprocessor AE55C1 AE57C1
RS-4 With Modular Multiplication Coprocessor RS44C RS45C
Dualway RS47X


AE-5 Series

The AE-5 Series are single chip microcomputer units with (MCUs) built around the high-speed 32-bit AE-5 CPU. EEPROM, ROM, RAM, two I/O Ports, Random Number Generator (RNG), Watchdog Timer (WDT) and DES Engine (DES), Firewall Management Unit (FMU), UART in compliance with ISO/IEC 7816-3, Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC), 16 bit interval timer (TMR), Phase-Locked Loop (PLL), and also Modular Multiplication Coprocessor (MMC) are featured as standard. With beyond standard peripherals and a lineup that includes an AES coprocessor, high-level security that supports the latest code processing is possible.

RS-4 Series

With a high-speed 16-bit RS-4 CPU core upward compatible with AE-3/AE4, and EEPROM, ROM, RAM, two I/O ports, a random number generator (RNG), a watchdog timer (WDT), a UART compliant with ISO/IEC 7816-3, a 16-bit interval timer (TMR), an internal clock oscillator, a CRC coprocessor, a triple DES coprocessor, and a modular multiplication coprocessor as built-in standards, the RS-4 Series finds application in the building of high-level security systems across a wide range of fields.

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