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Gadget Renesas


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What is Gadget Renesas

Gadget Renesas is a promotion project to offer a series of boards and “easy to start with” cloud-based software environment for people who have no embedded programming experience, for embedded professionals to do rapid prototyping.

Features and System Configuration

  • (1) Rapid prototyping solution for embedded solution professionals, students and hobbyists who have no embedded programming experience.
  • (2) The cloud-based software development environment enables tablets and smart phones to be used as a user software development platform.
  • (3) Arduino compatible with superior performance and many advanced on-chip peripherals such as Ethernet and USB host.
  • (4) Promote user community site for users to ask questions and share knowhow and to announce event information.

Note: For information about Arduino, please refer to



The GR (Gadget Renesas) project plans to produce a series of board solutions. The first available board is the GR-SAKURA board, manufactured by Wakamatsu. The GR-SAKURA board using RX63N MCU offers an Arduino compatible board footprint and C++ template and libraries.

Two kinds of GR-SAKURA board are offered:

  • GR-SAKURA – Standard Version
    Renesas 32-bit RX63N Group MCU (R5F563NBDDFP) is on-board
    RX63N Group Specifications
    Arduino UNO compatible pin-headers ready for its shields.
  • GR-SAKURA-FULL – Full Featured Version
    GR-SAKURA board with LAN connector (RJ-45), USB host connector,
    DC power supply jack, and MMC card shell

For more detailed specifications of GR-SAKURA and GR-SAKURA-FULL, refer to Wakamatsu Tsusho’s website:

Renesas Web Compiler

Renesas Web Compiler located in Renesas cloud server enables you to log in, upload, and compile your program source, then download the object file to your PC using your web browser free of charge.

How to login

  • Normal Use: Click “Login” button
    To use the normal login, you need to signup to My Renesas.
  • Trial Use: Click “Guest Login”
    You can use the web compiler without My Renesas registration. However, all files you used logged in as a guest will be deleted once you log out. If you log in and out with your My Renesas account and then attempt to log in as a guest, the web compiler will let you log in with your My Renesas account.

The Advantage of Combination with GR Reference Board

GR (Gadget Renesas) series boards will work with this web compiler with free of charge. By just connecting the board with your PC, tablet, or smart phone with a USB cable, you can download your object file compiled in the web compiler and execute your program on the board.


  • Recommended Browser: Firefox, Chrome, and others are under evaluation.
    * IE version is available at version 9 or greater.
    Compatible display mode needs to be canceled.
  • Compiler Type: GNU GCC (If you want to use a Renesas original compiler, use it in your local PC system)
  • Work Space: 100MB for one My Renesas account


  • Create files (displayed in tree view)
  • Compile files (and build)
  • Download files to user’s local PC
  • Many sample programs and libraries in Web compiler library folder
  • Drag and drop to run your program on your board via USB cable
Web Compiler User View (Left: Full screen, Right: Tree view with right mouse button)

Boards Distributor Information and Technical Support

GR-SAKURA boards are sold by the following distributors:

For availability, office/shop hours, and holidays of each distributor, please contact the respective distributor.

Technical Support

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