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Optoelectronics / Optoelectronic Devices

We are introducing a wide range of Optoelectronics devices, including IGBT / High-speed photocouplers / optocouplers used to drive IGBTs gate for Motor Control, solid state relays (optical coupled MOSFETs) that have switching functions, semiconductors for optical fiber communication, which can be performed at ultra high speeds and blue-violet laser for industrial uses, and so on.


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Product Lineup




  • Application
    Lists products according to system application and provides application examples.
    • Photocouplers / optocouplers for inverter applications
    • Photocouplers / optocouplers for switching power supplies
    • Solid state relays (OCMOS FETs) for PLC output units
    • Fiberoptic communications

    If you want to view datasheets and application notes for Renesas photocouplers / optocouplers and solid state relays (OCMOS FETs), click the Documentation tab above.

Design Support

This area shows the items on the Design Support tab.

  • Technical Description
    Explains how to use the products, and describes their general characteristics.
    • Photocouplers / Optocouplers
    • Solid State Relays (OCMOS FETs)
Safety Standards Classification Chart

Photocouplers / Optocouplers | Solid State Relays (OCMOS FETs)


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