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Product Overview:

Microcontrollers that output high-resolution PWM for fine dimming and toning of LED lighting

RL78/I1A microcontrollers realize PWM output of a minimum 0.98 ns resolution using 64 MHz timer operation and dithering function, supporting fine dimming and toning. Through cooperation between the PWM timer and comparator/external interrupt input, PFC control and protection functions can be realized by hardware. Low consumption current of 3.3 mA during LED and power supply control and 0.23 μA when waiting for UART (DALI) communication allows the power consumption of the system to be reduced. DALI/DMX512 lighting communication and Power Management Bus (PMBus) and System Management Bus (SMBus) power communication are supported. These microcontrollers can be used in LED lighting equipment and digital power supplies.

Key Applications:

Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup:


Block Diagram:

Block Diagram image

Key Features:

20-pin (R5F1076xxxSP) 30-pin (R5F107AxxxSP) 38-pin (R5F107DxxxSP)
I/O Port Total 16 26 34
CMOS I/O 13 23 29
CMOS input 3 3 5
Timer 16-bit timer (TAU) 8 channels (no timer output) 8 channels (timer output: 1, PWM output: 1) 8 channels (timer outputs: 3, PWM outputs 3)
16-bit timer (KB) 2 channels (PWM outputs: 4) 3 channels (PWM outputs: 6)
16-bit timer (KC) 1 channel (PWM outputs: 3) 1 channel (PWM outputs: 6)
Real time clock (RTC) 1 channel (no output) 1 channel (1 output)
8/10-bit A/D converter 6 channels 11 channels
Comparator 4 channels 6 channels
Programmable gain amplifier 1 channel (Input: 4 channels) 1 channel (Input: 6 channels)
Serial interface UART (Supporting LIN-bus and DMX512) 1 channel
UART (Supporting DALI communication) 1 channel
UART No 1 channel No
CSI/UART (Supporting LIN-bus and DMX512): No No 1 channel
Vectored interrupt sources 7 external / 27 internal 10 external / 30 internal 11 external / 30 internal
Operating ambient temperature -40 to +105 ℃ (R5F107xxxGSP) / -40 to +125 ℃ (R5F107xxxMSP)

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