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Product Overview:

The standard for general-purpose microcontroller with low power, high function, and abundant lineup

RL78/G13 microcontrollers balance the industry's lowest level of consumption current (CPU: 66 μA/MHz, standby (STOP): 230 nA) and a high performance of 41 DMIPS (32 MHz). They have an on-chip oscillator, data flash, A/D converter, and more. Built-in safety features (function that detects illegal operation of hardware) enable support for the household appliance safety standard (IEC/UL 60730). With a broad 20 to 128-pin lineup and up to 512 KB on-chip flash memory, these microcontrollers can be used in a wide variety of applications from home and consumer appliances to industrial equipment.

Key Applications:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial

Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup:


Block Diagram:

Block Diagram image

Key Features:

Operating voltage: VDD = 1.6 to 5.5 V
Max. frequency: 32 MHz
ROM capacities: 16 KB to 512 KB flash memory
RAM capacities: 2 KB to 32 KB
Available on-chip data flash (4 to 8 KB) products (Product name :R5F1006x, R5F1007x, R5F1008x, R5F100Ax, R5F100Bx, R5F100Cx, R5F100Ex, R5F100Fx, R5F100Gx R5F100Jx, R5F100Lx, R5F100Mx, R5F100Px, R5F100Sx)
Variable pin count (20 to 128 pins) and packages are available.
Minimum instruction execution time can be changed from high speed (0.03125 µs: @ 32 MHz operation with highspeed system clock) to ultra low-speed (30.5 µs: @ 32.768 kHz operation with subsystem clock)
General-purpose register: 8 bits x 32 registers (8 bits x 8 registers x 4 banks)
On-chip internal high-speed oscillation clock

  • 32 MHz internal high-speed s oscillation clock: 32 MHz (TYP.)

On-chip single-power-supply flash memory (with prohibition of chip erase/block erase/writing function)
Self-programming (with boot swap function/flash shield window function)
On-chip debug function
On-chip power-on-reset (POR) circuit and voltage detector (LVD)
On-chip watchdog timer (operable with the on-chip internal low-speed oscillation clock)
On-chip multiplier/divider/multiply-accumulator

  • 16 bits x 16 bits = 32 bits(signed)
  • 32 bits / 32 bits = 32 bits(unsigned)
  • 16 bitsx 16 bits + 32 bits = 32 bits (signed)
  • 16 bitsx 16 bits + 32 bits = 32 bits (unsigned)

On-chip key interrupt function
On-chip clock output/buzzer output controller
On-chip BCD adjustment
I/O ports: 16 to 120 (N-ch open drain: 0 to 4)

  • 16-bit timer: 8 to 16 channels
  • Watchdog timer: 1 channel
  • Realtime counter: 1 channel
  • Interval timer: 1 channel

Serial interface

  • CSI
  • UART (LIN-bus supported)
  • I2C/simplified I2C

Stanby function

  • HALT
  • STOP

8/10-bit resolution A/D converter(VDD = EVDD = 1.6 - 5.5 V): 6 to 26 channels
Operating ambient temperature: TA = -40 to +85°C / -40 to 105°C

Product Lineup:


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