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The following page content corresponds to the products marketed in Japan.
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Product Spec

Basic Information
Product Status Mass Production
Family R8C
Series R8C/Lx
Group R8C/LA3A

Program memory 64 KB Flash memory
RAM 3.5 KB
Data Flash 2 KB

CPU (Bit, Clock, DMA, External Bus etc)
CPU R8C (16-bit)
Max. Frequency 20 MHz
Sub-Clock (32.768 kHz) YES
On-chip Oscillator Freq. High Speed 20 MHz,
Low Speed 125 kHz
Real-Time Clock (RTC) YES
Power-On Reset YES
Low Voltage Detection YES
External Interrupt Pins 13
I/O Ports 26

8-bit Timers 3 ch
16-bit Timers 3 ch
Watchdog Timers 1 ch
PWM Output 5

A/D Converters 8-bit x 5 ch, 10-bit x 5 ch

CSIs 1 ch
SPIs 1 ch
UARTs 1 ch
I2Cs 1 ch

Display Functions
Segment LCD controller/driver 32
LCD Remarks 11 seg.(max)
4 com.(max)

Operating Conditions
Operating Voltage 1.8 to 5.5 V
Operating Temperature -20 to 85 ℃ (Ambient Temperature)

Comparator B x 1ch
Built-in LCD with memory effect

Order Information

Orderable Part No. Production Status Packing Terminal material
EU RoHS RoHS-pdf
R5F2LA38ANFP#V0 Mass Production Tray pure-Sn Compliant English


Pins 32
Pin pitch 0.8 mm
Package Type LQFP
Body Size 7x7 mm2
Package drawing plqp0032gb_a
Mount pad drawing fig0009e
Mounting height 1.7 mm
Mass 0.2 g
Renesas code PLQP0032GB-A (old: 32P6U-A)
JEITA code P-LQFP32-7x7-0.80

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