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M32R Family


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The M32R family 32-bit RISC microcomputers were developed by Renesas specifically to enable users to incorporate high-level functions into their systems. They incorporate the M32R CPU, a compact CPU core that delivers excellent performance. The M32R family is an ideal system solution for applications including general industrial and car-mounted systems, digital AV equipment, digital imaging equipment, and portable consumer products.

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32176 Group 32196 Group 32186 Group 32192 Group



Single-chip 32-bit RISC MCUs ideal for Vehicle-mounted Applications and for Industrial Equipment and Audio/Video Equipment Control

32176 | 32186 | 32192 | 32196 | 32170, 32174 | 32171 | 32172, 32173 | 32180 | 32182 | 32185 | 32195

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