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M16C Family (R32C/M32C/M16C)


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M16C PLATFORM: The M16C Family offers a robust platform of 32/16-bit CISC microcomputers featuring high ROM code efficiency, extensive EMI/EMS noise immunity, ultra-low power consumption, high-speed processing in actual applications, and numerous and varied integrated peripherals. Extensive device scalability from low- to high-end, featuring a single architecture as well as compatible pin assignments and peripheral functions, provides support for a vast range of application fields. In addition, our low-cost development environment and program correction function help you shorten product development time while greatly reducing total system costs.

From the R8C/Tiny Series to the R8C Family
The R8C/Tiny Series continues to expand as the R8C Family.

Key Applications

  • Audio Equipment, TV, Cameras
  • Communication/Portable Equipment
  • Electronic Household Appliances (incl. Inverter Solution), Motor Control, Housing Equipment (Sensors, Security Systems)
  • Office Equipment, General Industrial Equipment, Consumer Products
  • Automotive (incl. Body, Safety, Audio)

M16C Family Product Expansion (Clickable) R32C/100 Function Comparison M16C/60, M16C/30, M16C/Tiny Function Comparison M16C/60, M16C/30, M16C/Tiny Function Comparison M16C/60, M16C/30, M16C/Tiny Function Comparison M16C/60, M16C/30, M16C/Tiny Function Comparison R32C/100 Series M32C/80 Series M16C/50 Series M16C/60 Series M16C/30 Series M16C/Tiny Series

M16C Family (R32C/M32C/M16C) Selection by Application and Application Field

These products incorporate a USB function control unit which is compliant with the full-speed USB 2.0 specification in an M16C/60 CPU core which features high ROM code efficiency, superb noise performance, high processing performance for real applications, and so on.



The R32C/100 Series is a high-end product in the M16C Family and provides maximum code efficiency and high-speed processing. Featuring a 100 MHz-operable next-generation CPU core, this series achieves high-speed operation and supports key features of the M16C Family: low power consumption, low unwanted noise radiation, and high EMI/EMS noise resistance. In addition, this series inherits a wide range of peripherals from the M32C/80 Series.

R32C/160, R32C/161 | R32C/151, R32C/152, R32C/153, R32C/156, R32C/157 | R32C/142, R32C/145 | R32C/120, R32C/121 | R32C/116A, R32C/117A, R32C/118A | R32C/116, R32C/117, R32C/118 | R32C/111


The M32C/80 Series features high-speed processing (max. 32MHz operating frequency) and improved instructions. In addition, significant functional enhancements and a variety of group lineup are offered to meet your development needs. 100-pin and 144-pin packages are available.

M32C/8B | M32C/8A | M32C/88 | M32C/87 | M32C/85 | M32C/84 | M32C/83 | M32C/80 | M32C/86 | M32C/82 | M32C/81


The M16C/60 Series offers M16C Family standard products. Maximum operating frequency is 32MHz when using PLL Synthesizer. 64-pin, 80-pin, 100-pin, 128-pin packages are available.

M16C/65C | M16C/65 | M16C/64C | M16C/64A | M16C/63 | M16C/6C | M16C/6B | M16C/62P | M16C/62N (incl. M3062GF8NFP/GP) | M16C/62A (incl. M16C/62T), M16C/62M | M16C/6N4, M16C/6N5 | M16C/6NK, M16C/6NL, M16C/6NM, M16C/6NN | M16C/6H | M16C/6V | M16C/64 | M16C/6S1 | M16C/6S


The M16C/50 Series is the successor to the M16C/Tiny Series with an operating frequency of 32 MHz (when using PLL frequency synthesizer). Enhanced timer and other functions respond sensitively to market demands. 64-pin, 80-pin, and 100-pin packages are available.

M16C/5M, M16C/57 | M16C/5L, M16C/56 | M16C/5LD, M16C/56D


The M16C/30 Series features the slimmer functions and internal memory capacity. Maximum operating frequency is 16MHz. A 100-pin package is available.

M16C/30P | M16C/30, M16C/30L


The M16C/Tiny Series enables functional upgrading along with the slimmer package (available in 42 pins, 48 pins, 64 pins, 80 pins and 85 pins). Maximum operating frequency is 24MHz when using PLL Synthesizer.

M16C/26 | M16C/26A | M16C/28 | M16C/29


The M16C/20 Series can be used as USB MCUs. Maximum operating frequency is 16MHz. A 100-pin package is available.

M16C/24 (M30245)


Maximum operating frequency is 16MHz. A 48-pin package is available.



Support for the M16C/80 Series is limited to customers who have already adopted these products. If adopting new products, please consider other ranges such as the M32C/80 or R32C/100 Series.


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