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Product Overview:

This H8S/2116 Group is a series of microcomputers (MCUs) made up of the H8S/2000 CPU with Renesas Electronics's original architecture as its core, and the peripheral functions required to configure a system. The H8S/2000 CPU has an internal 32-bit configuration, sixteen 16-bit general registers, and a simple and optimized instruction set for high-speed operation. The H8S/2000 CPU can handle a 16-Mbyte linear address space. The instruction set of the H8S/2000 CPU maintains upward compatibility at the object level with the H8/300 and H8/300H CPUs. This allows the transition from the H8/300, H8/300L, or H8/300H to the H8S/2000 CPU. This LSI is equipped with ROM, RAM, two kinds of PWM timers (PWM and PWMX), a 16-bit timer pulse unit (TPU), 8-bit timers (TMR), watchdog timer (WDT), serial communication interface (SCI), I2C bus interface (IIC), a keyboard buffer control units (PS2), an A/D converter, a LPC interface (LPC), and I/O ports as on-chip peripheral modules. A flash memory (F-ZTATTM*) is available for this LSI's 128 Kbytes ROM. The CPU and ROM are connected to a 16-bit bus, enabling byte data and word data to be accessed in a single state. This improves the instruction fetch and process speeds.

Key Features:

  • Operating frequency (MHz)/Supply voltage (V)
    • 8 MHz to 20 MHz/3.0 V to 3.6 V
  • On-chip memory
    • 128 kB / 8 KB
  • Supports various power-down states
  • Packages
    Body size
    Pin pitch
    (See Product Lineup.)
    PTQP0144LC-A (TFP-144V)
    (See Product Lineup.)
    16.0 x 16.0 mm
    (See Product Lineup.)
    PLBG0176GA-A (BP-176V)
    (See Product Lineup.)
    13.0 x 13.0 mm

Key Applications:

Laptop PC , PC peripheral  and Office automation equipment

General Functions

  • High-speed H8S/2000 central processing unit with 16-bit architecture
    • Upward-compatible with the H8/300 and H8/300H CPUs on an object level
    • Sixteen 16-bit general registers
    • 65 basic instructions
  • Interrupt
    • Internal: 92
    • External: 17
  • Varioius peripheral functions
    • Data transfer controller (DTC) 85ch
    • 8-bit PWM timer (PWM)
    • 14-bit PWM timer (PWMX)
    • 16-bit timer pulse unit (TPU)
    • 8-bit timer (TMR)
    • Watchdog timer (WDT)
    • Asynchronous or clocked synchronous serial communication interface (SCI)
    • I2C bus interface (IIC)
    • Keyboard buffer control unit (PS2)
    • LPC interface (LPC)
    • 10-bit A/D converter
    • H-UDI interface (H-UDI)
    • Clock pulse generator
  • General I/O ports
    • I/O pins: 112
    • Input-only pins: 13


Product Lineup:

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