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Social Welfare Activities

In Japan

Annual Cleaning Activities at Intellectual Disability Vocational Aid Center

(Kochi Factory)

On Saturday, June 5, 2010, employees of the Kochi Factory conducted annual cleaning activities at Friendly, an intellectual disability vocational aid center for people with mental disabilities. Hosted by the voluntary training workshop consisting of the factory's managerial staff, this year's cleaning activities marked the seventh time in five years.
It was a blistering summer day, even the morning. Twelve members of the voluntary training workshop and six Renesas-related people, including the general manager of the Kochi Factory, worked together with 30 personnel at the Friendly center to plow weeds and pick up trashes around the premise of the center. The heat kept everyone sweating. The voluntary training workshop members used lawnmowers and sickles to clean the field. Plowed weeds were collected using a pickup truck and wheelbarrows. In the space of just three hours, they filled 20 pickup truck loads of weeds by noon.
After cleaning activities were completed, the manager of the Friendly center thanked everyone for their help, saying, "Thank you very much for helping us out every year. I have to admit that we are shorthanded, and you took care of things that we alone could not. We cannot thank you enough!" The voluntary training workshop will continue to help the Friendly center through various activities as a means of contributing to the local community in which we operate.

Cleaning Activities at a Nursing Home

(Musashi Factory)

The Musashi Factory of Renesas Electronics conducts cleaning activities at the Ryoyukai Ogawa nursing home every year, in cooperation with the loosely grouped Musashi-Youbu-Kai and the Renesas Electronics Labor Union's Musashi Branch. This year's cleaning activities were conducted on Saturday, October 30, 2010, and a total of 45 employees volunteered to participate in the activities.

Wheelchair Repair and Cleaning at Nursing Home

(Takasaki Factory)

Wheelchair Repair and Cleaning at Nursing Home

Employees of the Takasaki Factory of Renesas Electronics visit a local nursing home every May to repair and clean the wheelchairs used there. Through this volunteer activity in 2010, a total of 70 wheelchairs were repaired and cleaned.

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