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Microwave Oven (High-End)


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Microwave Oven (High-End)


Microwave ovens have become ubiquitous electronic household cooking appliances due to their cooking method of heating food uniformly. But now modern high-end microwaves provide a variety of preparation functions, such as "simmer", "deep fry", "roast", "steam", and some models are now capable of baking bread with a "leaven" function. Microwave ovens are starting gaining attention as a healthy electric household appliance, capable of preparing food with low sodium or fat.

In order to implement such functions, microwave ovens increasingly require fine-grained output control, based on data obtained from thermal sensors, infrared sensors, weight sensors, etc. In structural terms, the main output of a microwave oven is produced by a magnetron, with an IGBT performing high-frequency switching and supplying high-voltage output to the magnetron.

Renesas has a broad lineup of microcontroller products suitable for microwave ovens. These include RL78/L1x Series of LCD MCUs, which are built around a high-performance CPU and integrate a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) function for IGBT control and A/D converters to handle a variety of sensor inputs, and R8C/3xT, which incorporates a touch detection circuit.

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products

Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Product Name Features, etc.
System control MCU RL78/L1x On-chip LCD Display control function, 16-bit MCU
R8C/L3xM,L3xC,LAxA Group On-chip LCD Display control function, 16-bit MCU
RL78/G1x General purpose 16-bit MCU
EEPROM R1EX24xxx Series I2C bus interface *1
R1EX25xxx Series SPI bus interface *2
Touch key control MCU R8C/33T,36T-A,38T-A Group Capacitive Touch key control
Power device TRIAC BCR1AM-8 Compartment lamp
Power supply IC for power supply HA17431 Series Shunt regulator 1%, 0.5% precision
3-terminal regulator
μPC1093, μPC1943/1944 Shunt regulator
MCU peripheral Reset IC RNA519xx Series Variable detection voltage
Sensor output amplification, detection Op-amp HA1630xxx Series General use CMOS op-amp
μPC324 Low power consumption
Comparator HA1631 Series General use CMOS comparator
μPC393 Low power consumption
IGBT gate driver Photocoupler
(IGBT drive)
PS93xx Series
PS94xx Series
PS95xx Series
PS99xx Series
High isolation voltage (5kV~7.5kVr.m.s.)
0.6~2.5A output
High CMR (CMR≧50kV/μs)
TRIAC control Photocoupler (standard) PS23xx Series
PS27xx Series
PS28xx Series
High isolation voltage (5kVr.m.s.), 4p-LSOP, Ta=115°C
High isolation voltage (3.75kVr.m.s.), 4p-SOP, Ta=110°C
High isolation voltage (2.5kVr.m.s.), 4p-SSOP, Ta=110°C
Inverter IGBT RJH1BFxR


*1 I2C : Inter-Integrated Circuit
*2 SPI : Serial Peripheral Interface

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Power MOS FET application note REJ05G0001-0200
R2A20112 application note *
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Name Part No.
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