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EMMA2SL (UPD61210 - UPD61213, UPD61217), EMMA2SL/P (UPD61214, UPD61215)


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Low-cost LSI products with enhanced security functions for set-top boxes



The EMMA2SL (µPD6121x) decoder provides a powerful, highly integrated, single chip solutions for digital STB and iDTV, and has a number of feature variants to meet the demanding markets with low-cost solutions. This product incorporates external components including voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) circuit in addition to a high-end processor and a high-speed memory interface.

EMMA2SL/P (µPD61214,5) decoder, a variant of EMMA2SL (µPD6121x), has built-in security features allowing broadcasters to protect valuable audiovisual content, and preserve IP developed by CA vendors, middleware providers and STB designers at a low-cost.

Target System

  • Low-end STBs and iDTVs
  • Systems with advanced security features (SL/P)

Product specification

Product specifications
Internal CPU
  • Main CPU: Application/RTOS/API/BIOS processing purposes
    • MIPS32® 4KEc® core
    • Supports MIPS II™ and MIPS-16 instruction sets
    • Cache size: I-Cache: 4 KB, D-Cache: 4 KB
  • Sub CPU: Decode processing purposes
    • MIPS32® 4KEm® core
    • Supports MIPS II™ and MIPS-16 instruction sets
    • Cache size: I-Cache: 4 KB, D-Cache: 4 KB, Scratch Pad: 8 KB
Memory interface
  • RAM Memory I/F
    • Unified RAM Memory I/F: CPU/MPEG decoding/display/graphics, etc.
    • DDR Memory I/F: Supports 16 to 128 MB capacity
  • ROM Memory I/F
    • Supports NOR/NAND Flash ROM
    • Supported maximum capacity: 64 MB
MPEG stream processor
  • Renesas Electronics original processor core
  • Software processing architecture
  • Stream I/F: Parallel/serial input x 1
  • MPEG2 TS (Transport Stream)
  • Maximum TS processing rate: 100 Mbps
  • 36 PID filters (including Video x 1, Audio x 2, PCR x 1)
  • 32 section filters (8-byte/16-byte depth)
  • Supports HSD (High Speed Data) port output
MPEG video decoder
  • Supports MPEG2 MP@ML 1 system decoding
Audio controller
  • Supports MPEG1/MPEG2 layer 1/2
  • Supports DAO (Digital Audio Output) L/R output
  • Supports SPDIF output
Graphics engine
  • 2D BitBLT
  • 5 planes: BG (Back Ground), Still, Live Video, and OSD x 2 planes
  • 256 gray-scale a-blending function
  • Real-time video scaling (1/4 to 8/1H/V)
  • OSD anti-flicker filter
Video encoder
  • NTSC/PAL video encoder
  • Supports Closed Caption, WSS, Video ID, VPS, and Teletext
  • 4-channel DAC for simultaneous RGB/YC&CVBS analog output
  • ITU-R BT.656 digital output function
  • FUART x 2
  • Smart Card I/F x 2
  • I2C x 2
  • Clocked Serial I/F
  • Timer: System, WDT, RTC
  • IR receiver
  • General PIO
  • 0.15 µm CMOS process
  • Power supply: 3.3 V, 2.5 V, 1.5 V

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Inquiry Concerning Digital AV LSI

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